Brothers Part III: Going Home

*Please read Brothers Part I and Brothers Part II before reading this blog entry*

I let the sand slip through my toes as I settled down on the beach.  The waves crashed and sprayed a salty mist into the air, making my eyes burn slightly.  As the sun began to set behind me I inhaled deeply, taking it all in.  I then opened up my bag, rummaged around for a minute and pulled out a large green apple.  Taking a huge bite out of it, I smiled as a bit of it’s juice slid down my chin.  He was right, I thought… This is what living’s for.  I took a few more bites, watching the seagulls hover in mid air before diving into the foamy waters below.  Placing the apple down I began to go through my pack again, searching.  Finally I found what I was looking for and pulled out a small stone.  It was milky white, smooth, and had a strand of jet black asphalt that looped around the lower half.  The stone and the road. I stood up and walked to the water’s edge and let the waves suck my feet down into the sand.  I gripped the stone tightly, thinking of him. I squeezed the stone one last time, then tossed it into a calm spot in the ocean.  It skipped across the water three times before slipping below it’s surface.  I watched the ripples expand and then disappear before heading back to my bag.  I strapped it on and began walking South, along the beach.  In the ocean, my brother sank slowly, our mother’s arms gently guiding him home.


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One response to “Brothers Part III: Going Home

  1. Joyce Rust

    A finished goal,
    life’s simple yet heavenly pleasure of nature,
    apple and ocean….
    people helping people.
    Thanks for sharing your heart, passion, energy , and determination,
    in helping all the families in Haiti.

    Will you someday carry another kind of stone? God Bless your journeys!

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