The Greatest Thing You’ll Ever Learn…

Everyday someone asks me “Whats the most exciting or interesting thing you’ve seen on your walk!”  They look at me with excited expressions on their faces, no doubt waiting for an incredible tale or a humorous reenactment…  But usually I’m lost for what to say and settle with “Uhhhh… I dunno.”  Its a hard feeling to convey.  Because the most interesting, the most unusual… the most extraordinary things I experience are the people I meet.

These aren’t just any ordinary people I meet and stay with along my walk.  There is a similar connection. A common bond.  It may not look like it from the outside, as I have stayed in some pretty crazy, polar opposite, places.  I’ve slept on concrete floors, in a hammock, rolled up in sleeping bag, sprawled out on a royal king sized bed and everything in-between.  I’ve stayed with families who are poor and with some who are rich.  Some old… Some young. And I spend these nights in amazement that families will just open up their front doors and let me walk in.  Let me, a complete stranger, have full reign over their TVs and refrigerators.  Invite me to family birthday parties and let me play with their kids.  That they give me hugs and kisses, pats on the backs and high fives.  I never know any of them for longer than 48 hours… So how can it feel like, just for those few hours, that I am actually a part of their family…  And with that I’ve learned that what is truly amazing are the people in our world who can put aside money, politics, religion… and trust the only connection that really matters.  The one without, we’d all be lost, wandering down an empty path.  A person who can love and only ask for love in return is the most amazing thing I’ve seen on my walk.  It rises higher than the tallest mountains, burns brighter than the hottest sun, and travels farther than any stretch of highway.

“The greatest thing you’ll ever learn, is just to love and be loved in return…”

~Moulin Rouge


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  1. Juli

    you are such an inspiration! I follow all your updates on facebook and every time I see something you had posted I rush to read it …. your words are inspiring and your actions are better! Thank you for showing me how to walk the walk and talk the talk!! Juli

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