Do > Don’t

You know, doing something isn’t that hard.  Like…dropping off a can of pears at the food pantry. Volunteering an hour out of your day at a soup kitchen. Or donating a dollar to your favorite cause. Doing good has no boundaries or borders, so whether it be local or international, just do.

I know that every person setting up a fundraiser has the thought, “What if everyone just donated a dollar… What if everyone just gave an hour of their lives… What if everyone just bought one fundraising candy bar?”  It’s a hard thought not to think about. What if? The power of potential is attractive and many of us can’t resist the temptation of challenging it in the hopes of raising money for a good cause. A small contribution made by many people can add up to something huge, and it’s a wonder that we don’t contribute more small acts of kindness in our everyday lives.

Just today I saw it with my own two eyes. Many of the Murfreesboro, TN Keller Williams Realty team spent their day today putting up a fence, replacing carpet, and painting countless walls.  They were combining their efforts to fix up a local orphanage, the Good Shepherd Children’s Home.  In just nine hours they had completed so much work that the place was nearly unrecognizable from what it looked like yesterday.

This will be the only blog where I talk about my fundraising efforts. I don’t want that to be the focus of the walk. Asking people for donations definitely isn’t a favorite hobby of mine. Times are tough and many people have already given to their causes of interest and I definitely don’t want to be pushing anything on anyone.  But just the same, I set the goal of raising $100,000 for Haiti by the time I finish my walk on July 4th and I’m not about to give up on it. Since the journey will have been a 100 day trip, that’s $1,000 a day I’d have to raise to keep on track. We’ve raised $10,000 so far (which is truly amazing!).  I still think its very possible to raise $90,000 for, in my opinion, a great cause.  All we need are a bunch of little acts of kindness to start adding up. We need 90,000 people to donate $1. Or 9,000 people to donate $10. Or 900 people to donate $100. Or how about 900 people share the story with 10 friends or family and having everyone donating $10. Or 90 businesses or companies to donate $1,000. When you put it down in those statistics, it seems very possible. Because it is.

I just need to say thank you everyone who has already donated to my cause! I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it.  If you don’t have the dollar to donate, then I just ask that you spread the word!  And if you don’t want to donate to my cause, which I can truly understand, then I just ask you to get up and do something for a cause that you’re passionate about.  The real cause of this walk isn’t raising the money… It’s about just getting up and seeing the change you want to see. Do. Don’t don’t.

To donate to my Haiti cause, click the link below. Thank you!


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