The Transporasaurs

The Walkasaurus was not an amazing creature.  In fact, many scholars are baffled about its existence when compared to the other Transporasaurs that shared its stomping grounds.  Walkasauri didn’t move with great speed or grace.  They averaged about twenty-five miles per day…thirty, tops.  They stood upright on their two hind legs and took short steps, not quite a running stride.

The Walkasaurus was not very accomplished in carrying cargo, either. A forty to fifty pound pack seemed to be its limit and slowed it down considerably.  Other than the fact that the Walkasaurus loved to drink chocolate milk, not much more is known about it.

The Walkasaurus shared the road with a variety of different creatures, most of which were much larger in size.  The most common was the Caraptor. Caraptors swarmed the roads, zooming this way and that. Coming in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors, they could be seen in great, slow-moving packs…or speedily traveling solo.  A Caraptor could easily cover hundreds of miles each day, leaving the pathetic Walkasaurus in its dust. While some of them were energy-efficient, only needing to feed every so often, the older breeds seemed to eat much more than their worth.

The Caraptor’s bigger cousin was the Trucklatops.  Large, bulky, and not as maneuverable as a Caraptor, Trucklatops lumbered down the roads, greedily eating up the resources. While some Trucklatops were put to use, using their great strength and towing capabilities, many just wandered around aimlessly, taking up space and eating copious amounts of food.  The majority of Trucklatops stayed in the forests and countryside, able to traverse the unstable terrain.  While the Trucklatops was considerably larger than Caraptors, they didn’t even come close in size to the greatest Transporasaur of them all: the Semisaurus Rex.

The Semisaurus Rex were huge beasts, towering well above the Trucklatops. Lengthwise, they were as long as several Caraptors.  While not very fast, and definitely not agile, the Semisaurus Rex was capable of hauling many tons of weight. Because it was one of the largest Transporasaurs, others stayed well clear of its path, known as “The Danger Zone.”  While usually mild-mannered and of kind natures, the Semisauri were capable of great speed (in short bursts) and had the potential to cause massive damage.

Maybe the most fearful of the Semisaurus Rex was the much smaller Walkasaurus. Each time a Semisaurus Rex would roar by, a strong gust of wind would follow, knocking the Walkasaurus onto the ground. Why the Walkasaurus existed when much more capable and faster species shared its environment may never be known. All we do know is that the Walkasaurus traveled the country with aim and determination.  As Semisauri roared past and Caraptors zipped this way and that, the Walkasaurus walked on…one step at a time.


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  1. Rob Monson

    this is awesome. It’s a jungle out there my friend, but rest assured, I have a feeling that the walkasaurus will outlive and outlast even the largest semisaurus. It may not travel as far or as fast, but it will endure and persevere in ways that the semisaurus will never be capable.

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