The Legend of Leroy McLugg the Litterbug.

The Legend of

Leroy McLugg the Litterbug

Based on a true fictional story.

The Tri-Village area consisted of three small towns that were each 10 miles apart from one another: Lenonburg, La Lon-Luc, and Lexingreen. There was one major road running from each town, forming a large triangle between them all.  In the middle of the triangle was a beautiful forest that was said to be home of a great fairy.  For hundreds of years the villagers and the forest lived in harmony.

Then one day a man with bright green eyes and magnificently blonde hair came to the villages.  His name was Leroy McLugg and he drove between the towns selling items that nobody had use for: self-sharpening knives, collapsible containers, and ever-changing scented candles, to name just a few.  The villagers didn’t care for Leroy much, despite his brilliant white smile and charming personality.  For when Leroy would drive between the three villages, he had a habit that the villagers despised: he littered.

Everyday Leroy would drive from one of the three towns to the next, visiting households with his new wares. And everyday Leroy would eat, drink, and smoke in his car. And what is worse, he would throw his trash out the window onto the side of the road where it sat on the edge of the forest.  Leroy believed the forest was like one large Christmas tree and went about decorating it with his litter.  His pop cans were like glass orbs that got stuck in the branches and leaves of the forest.  His fast food wrappers hung off the high grasses and tree trunks like tinsel. And each of his half-finished and still lit cigarettes were like little glowing lights that littered the forest floor.  Soon the forest began to change due to all of Leroy’s litter.  The grasses died and the leaves withered away. Animals could no longer be seen playing in the trees, nor the birds flying in the skies.

The villagers repeatedly asked Leroy to stop littering, for the Forest Fairy would not be happy with him.  McLugg said that he didn’t care what the Forest Fairy thought and continued his daily schedule of selling, driving, and littering.  Within a few weeks of Leroy’s arrival the sides of the roads and forest were completely covered in his trash.  The Forest Fairy did indeed notice and confronted Leroy as he drove towards the village of Lexingreen. The Forest Fairy asked Leroy to quit littering and to clean up the trash that he had dropped within one week.  Leroy just laughed and continued on his way.  One week came and went, and the pile of Leroy’s litter had not gotten picked up…if anything, more litter had been added!

So, the Forest Fairy stopped Leroy in the same spot as it had one week prior and told Leroy that it had warned him.  And, with a loud pop, Leroy’s car vanished and instead a large boot appeared in its place. Leroy was frozen with terror as the large boot descended upon him, pinning him to the ground.  Slowly, the boot applied more and more pressure, squashing Leroy’s body into the pavement.  As he screamed the Forest Fairy said, “I’m sorry, but I had warned you… you, Leroy McLugg, are a litterbug. And I’m treating you just like that…a bug!”

With two more loud pops Leroy suddenly felt a pair of antennae sprout from out of the top of his head. As the large boot continued to press down on him, he felt his body getting squished, smaller and smaller.  His skin suddenly felt very hard and two more arms sprouted from the side of his waist.  As he continued to shrink in size he realized what was happening. The boot was squashing him down into a bug! When the boot had finally ceased, Leroy was no larger than a pea. He was a brilliant yellow beetle with large green eyes. Horrified, Leroy tried to scuttle away, but the Forest Fairy swept him up into its hand.  “Leroy, you are sentenced to spend your life as a bug, living in the mess that you have created.  Normally, beetles like to feed on the green grasses and breathe in the forest fresh air. Your litter has taken that away, so you must live like the rest of the forest, struggling to stay alive…”
The villagers never knew what happened to Leroy McLugg, though many stories cropped up through out the years.  After a few weeks of his disappearance, the villagers began to clean up the litter that Leroy had dropped.  Slowly but surely the forest became healthy and fruitful again.  Many villagers claimed that during the clean up they caught sight of a magnificent yellow beetle with great green eyes scuttling beneath the trash. Though none of them were ever able to catch it, the legend of Leroy lived on…long past the life span of a beetle.

Moral Of The Story: Don’t Litter.

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