Choco Choco Milk!

I was never a big chocolate milk fan growing up.  While most little kids grabbed the brown chocolate milk cartons in the lunch line, I usually went for the pink skim milk ones instead. So, during my first day walking, you may imagine that I was quite surprised when suddenly all I could think of was getting my hands on a big glass of the chocolate drink.  It was a hunger (or thirst?) that I had never experienced before.  It wasn’t a passing thought, like, “Hmm. I could really fancy a glass of chocolate milk at the moment.”  It was most definitely more like, “I need chocolate milk. Now!

And so, for the first few days, I obliged my cravings by stopping in gas stations and filling up on the chocolate beverage.  I thought that after a week or so of drinking the milk the cravings would subside.  False. They only got worse. Day after day, I’ve been filling up on chocolate milk at any chance that I can get.  The cravings will hit with little warning. There I’ll be, 11 miles out from the nearest town, needing chocolate milk.  My mouth can’t stop watering. My mind can’t stop buzzing… Chocolate Milk. Chocolate milk!

Today I passed over a bridge of a flooded river, the water a dirty brown.  But as I stared at it, I suddenly imagined a magnificent river of chocolate milk where I was the Captain of a tugboat, S.S. Choco… The only ship around, the milk all mine. I needed the milk. And every time, when I reached the gas station and got my hands on a bottle of it, it’s like I’ve never tasted anything like it before. My pupils dilate. I barely even taste it. I just open up the hatch and pour it all down.  Many times I can’t even wait the one minute to purchase it… I just open up the bottle, drain it, then place it, empty, on the counter to get it rung up.

Maybe it’s some weird chemical balance my body is going through with my new daily exercise.  Perhaps it’s trying to replace the vitamins and minerals I’m losing throughout the day and chocolate milk is the best answer. Maybe?

I don’t know…and frankly, I don’t care.  All I know is that I absolutely love chocolate milk at the moment, and nothing had better get between myself and a bottle of it. Nothing.



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2 responses to “Choco Choco Milk!

  1. Anonymous

    You rock!

  2. Last fall I went to a presentation by a nutritionist who was giving advice to marathon runners on what to eat right after the race. Her secret recommendation: chocolate milk. It contains so much stuff that people lose while exercising– and it tastes great! Haha, keep chugging and keep trekking!

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