Walking In Water

Louisville, KY   *   728 Miles Walked   *   62 Days Until Miami

If there was a hell for walkers, it wouldn’t be a fiery pit of extreme heat. No. That sounds great, actually. Instead, it would be cold, windy, and rainy. I’ve been walking for almost 40 days and, luckily, I have only encountered 3 rainy days. So technically, I feel like I shouldn’t be complaining about bad weather… But when it rains…it sucks.

The suckiness comes in different steps and I would love to share them with you!

1) Mentally: There’s nothing better than waking up in a cozy warm bed or sleeping bag to the sound of rain against the roof and windows (or the outside of your tent). There’s nothing worse than remembering that you have to walk 25 miles today…in the rain. The rain has already dampened your spirits and you haven’t even made it outside yet.

2) Pre-Soak: You step outside and give a great big sigh… 25 miles to go.  The rain pitter-patters against your rain gear and for the first mile you start to think, “Hey… this isn’t so bad!”  You look down at your shoes, which have now turned a darker shade of color as they soaks in as much aqua as possible.  There’s a brief period where you can feel that your shoes are wet, but yet your socks and feet remain dry. It’s foreboding.

3) Soak: Next you begin to feel your socks sucking up the water as well. Your feet begin to get cold and every step becomes uncomfortable.

4) Squish: Now, with every step you feel water rushing up between your toes…and then back down again. Squish, Squash, Plish, Plosh, Slish, Slosh.

5) Weighed Down: Every step becomes heavier and heavier, weighed down by the gallons of water your that shoes now hold.

6) Wrinkly: Soon you start to feel your feet and toes get tingly and warm. Don’t worry, this is just your foot skin turning pure white and becoming a pair of Shar-Pei dogs.

7) Sweat Shower: By this point you become amazed that every other part of your body is becoming drenched as well. What’s the deal?! You think, why isn’t my rain gear working? Oh, that isn’t rain water drenching you…it’s your own sweat! After walking about 7 miles your body begins to perspire and even though your gear claims to be “breathable,” it just can’t handle the heat your body begins to emit. Soon, you begin to create condensation of your own sweat within your rain gear and you aren’t able to do much about it.  You start to go into shiver fits as your sweat turns cold.  That begins to warm up your body, which in turn makes you sweat some more. And so the cycle goes.

8) Laughing Through The Windows: 15 miles in, with 10 miles to go, you stop caring. You can no longer feel your feet, your body has created some wet sweat layer on your skin, and you stop paying attention to passerby’s staring at you through their house or car windows…presumably thinking, “Look at that poor shmuck walking out in the rain!”

9) Turning The Tables: Nothing is worse than walking in the rain. I’d much rather walk in 95 degree weather and sweat profusely… Sunburn, sweat, chapped lips… Bring it on! None of this rain nonsense…

But nothing quite beats walking 25 miles in 10 hours through rain and cold than getting into a nice dry house, taking a warm shower, and changing into comfy clothes.  And, to top it off, sitting by the window and making fun of those braving the rainy weather.

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3 responses to “Walking In Water

  1. Anonymous

    Jordan–what you described here is what most Haitians live with every time it rains. You described it exactly as we saw it last week only they dono’t have a warm, dry place to end their day. Thanks for walking and thanks for caring about the people of Haiti.

    • Debbie Welter

      Jordan–sorry I didn’t put my name on that comment. It’s Debbie Welter and we’re keeping track of you and your amazing walk to Florida!

  2. Daun Allen

    Hi Jordan,
    I met your Mom, Dad and sister at the Trempealeau Hotel last night at Reggae Fest. I made a donation and want you to know that I am inspired by your spirit, Love, and generosity. Every bit that you put into this walk will come back to you many times over, change your life, and give you greater insight into what makes people and the world really tick. I gave your Mom and sister hugs and my eyes filled with tears. Keep at it, put some plastic bags on your feet inside your socks or even better liner socks, plastic bags and hiking socks and your feet will stay a bit drier and warmer longer on rainy days! I hope to meet you someday, my daughters half sister Haley Allen who works at the hotel met you and she could only smile and tell me what an amazing guy you are!
    Love to you, Daun Allen

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